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A simple take on the theme of GMTK Jam 2017 - dual purpose design.

In this game the player must order the blocks in a particular way. The player has two actions at their disposal - jump and swap.

Swapping means taking one block out of the grid and placing the currently held block in its place. It is a very common example of dual purpose design, lifted right out of Art Style: Aquario. Jumping is where it gets a bit more original. Jumping is required for reaching some of the blocks you may want to swap, but the type of block you currently hold affects your ability to jump. So swapping a block is not just a single interaction step with the puzzle, it also affects the next steps available to you. 

You can get stuck. But you probably won't be. I had no time to make more complex interactions let alone balance them, so the one level you get is quite easy.

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Published 7 days ago


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